Recordings by Neil Pearlman

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Neil Pearlman: Coffee and the Mojo Hat

Scottish tunes with Latin, Funk and Jazz influences

Piano, congas, bass & drums, with special guests Alasdair Fraser, fiddle; Maeve Gilchrist, vocals; Nicole Rabata, flute; Ed Pearlman, fiddle; Elizabeth Burke, vocals


Party of Three:  

Lilly Pearlman, fiddle

Neil Pearlman, piano

Joe De Paolo, drums

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Ed & Neil Pearlman:  

American Scottish

  Scottish fiddle & piano

A hybrid of Scottish and Cape Breton traditions as performed for over 30 years by fiddler Ed Pearlman , with jazz and Latin music influences from pianist Neil Pearlman – an expression of America, crossroads of cultures.

Innovative music for listening and dancing, by a great contra dance band.

Traditional Scottish fiddle but...On the edge of jazz.  Ed Pearlman, fiddle, and Neil Pearlman, piano, a unique listening experience.  Tightly interwoven, heartfelt, rhythmic.  Appearances by Laura Scott (rhythms) and Lilly Pearlman (fiddle).

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Ed & Neil Pearlman:  

On the Edge

  Scottish fiddle & piano

Breathtaking, virtuosic and moving, Alba's Edge weaves expressive melodies of Scottish fiddling with jazz improvisation and harmony, funk bass lines and the rhythms of Latin America to form a unique musical experience.  

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Alba’s Edge (led by Neil & Lilly Pearlman):

Run to Fly