Various Artists:  Scottish Fiddle Rally

 Highlights from a historic concert series of Scottish & Cape Breton music

Aly Bain ~ Alasdair Fraser ~ Buddy MacMaster Natalie MacMaster ~ Jerry Holland

and the Boston Scottish Fiddle Club

directed by Edward Scott Pearlman

Also on Greentrax Recordings, CDTRAX154

“Seventy-five minutes of the finest Scottish and Cape Breton fiddle music must have been tremendous to have been present.”  Living Tradition – full review

”...the Boston players achieve more oomph than you might expect... Alasdair Fraser...Aly Bain...Natalie MacMaster...Buddy MacMaster...Jerry Holland and Boston’s very own Ed Pearlman complete a fine bill.” The Scotsman

“Quite an astral collection of the fiddler’s art here, from Ms. MacMaster to the venerable Mr. Bain.  This one will get played over a long period.” Mike Ganley, radio mid-Gloucestershire

“The sound captures the passionate atmosphere of the concerts...brimming with virtuosity.”  Trad Mag--Musiques Traditionelles  (“La prise de son capture l’atmosphere passionnee des concerts...c’est saoulant de virtuosite.”)

A great opportunity to hear, side by side, several different fiddle styles which come under the umbrella of traditional Scottish music.” Fiddler Magazine

”Plenty of good music...a very balanced mix...a nice sense of continuity.” Dirty Linen

”Guests...are quite impressive...The album intersperses solo fiddle sets...with the full-fledged, almost orchestral sets by the Fiddle Club. Very nice.” Sing Out!

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